Gearing Up

So I got this bright idea a few months ago. I decided I wanted to become a weekend warrior. Get a backpack, some gear, go for a hike, camp. Repeat for a day or two, then come home.

Something I have learned on my journey to weekend warriot-ism:

Backpacking gear is expensive. Especially when going for light gear. The really nice tents started at around 300.00 (going into over 1000.00), with down sleeping bags in most cases going for more than the bottom of the line tent.

I have managed to get the core of my (summer) gear to under 20lbs. Add food and water weight on top to complete. Keeping in mind that I need to carry extra gear for my bear bait dog. I did a ton of research for a lot of gear deals, made a bunch of things myself (sleeping bag liner, dog sleeping bag, beanie/hats, stuff sacks), and have spent way too much money at MEC. Now my husband sits in a little pool of fear that I wont want to get into this, after spending so damn much.

I now have all my gear! So what is stopping me? Well, the heat. I’m not car camping, or driving to my destination with a dinky little 20 minute walk to a nice spot to cozy up to. While that still sounds like fun, I want to hike multiple days. In this heat, there is just no way. Especially considering how out of shape I am, sprinkled with health problems that include lung and heart issues. Also, Oona overheats quickly.

So I wait for some ccooler weather to begin my long walk.




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