Baby Joey


For the last few days, our 16 year old baby boy, Joey, has been eating and drinking little to none. Yesterday, we came home to Joey having very little control over his body. He would be lucky to be able to make it three feet by half dragging his back legs, and then falling over because he is just too unstable.

I suspected a stroke because not too long ago, a family member lost their kitty of over 20 years, and had similar issues.

We kept him comfy for that night, figured in the morning we would get him to the vet. However, this morning he had even less strength than the night before and was urinating on the floor and himself.

Being the stubborn guy he is, he still tried to get from place to place and while we were making calls to get Joey in, he made a scrambled dash to the water dish, fell over hard, and could barely move.

So we finally got an appointment for him this morning, went in with him to say our goodbyes, with lots of hugs and love as he passed away.

Love and miss you  Jo Jo Bean.


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