Humble Pie

I’m currently eating some humble pie. hmmmm mmmm good.

I don’t and won’t put money into the hands of any “sanctuary” that breeds. I will also not put anything towards any kind of zoo and aquarium. This continues to my refusing to ever buy a puppy at a pet store as they are ALL from puppy mills.

I also always preach about adopting older dogs and cats instead of young ones. In my preaching, a cousin and her husband said that if they get a dog, they want a puppy so they know there are no issues. Yet, I still preached……. and then got a puppy.

My husband and I went to the SPCA to look at dogs the other day. One thing led to another and we brought home this amazing 5 year old boy who was so sweet and gentle. Except to cats. Had we not kept him on his leash, my cat could be dead right now.

Could we have continued to try with older dogs and got one with no issues with cats? Of course we could have. But how many attacks, and scares for all of us, especially the furry family members, are acceptable?  What if a new pooch over powers myself or my husband and badly hurts, or worse, one of the furry ones?

So while I sit here with my humble pie, chewing away, I have a few phone pics to post as my camera battery is dry right now.

We did name him Charlie and he is a Border Collie, Great Pyrenees cross. He is 4 months old and can seriously compete with Oonas bum bombs.



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