It’s Like Having Another Baby


Potty training, Doctors appointments, school, socializing, snuggles, love, positive reinforcement, no time to yourself, no sleeping in, constantly cleaning up…..

So Charlie is a goofball. He and Oona seem to get along really good for the most part. They play a lot together, but as with any dog, sometimes it escalates and I have to give them a time out.

I’ve been treat training him. Hes learned sit, stay and look at me (to get his attention on me when other things might get him super insanely excited). Sit, I get about 80% of the time and the other two, maybe about 60%. Stay is a hard one for him because he is so excited.

He is a little behind on socialization. He was already four months when we got him and of course he couldn’t play with other dogs until he had his first shots. Now that he has the shots, tonight is his first socialization class with other puppies.

As for humans, I have a bit of a problem there. Both Trevor and I do not like people, so we don’t have any was of socializing him to new people coming over. So I’m going to have to figure something out for that pretty quick.

He is a love bug with a TON of energy, but puppies are only allowed 5 minutes of walking for every month in age, so I can only take him for 2 – 20 minutes walks a day. So the rest is trying to tire his mind out from home/the backyard.

Both the cuties are currently in a deep sleep because I managed to keep em busy for a good 3 hours. I’m sure this silence will last no more than 30 minutes…… 🙂



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