Shit Or Get Off The Pot

There seems to constantly be something in the way of me getting out backpacking.

I can only go on Saturdays right now because the weekdays I would end up on the trail in the dark because hubby is my ride and he works Monday to Friday. Then the weather, with two back to back wind storms landing on Saturday in a row. Being that I’m a pussy and this is my first time doing this, I don’t want to go out when its a major downpour. Rain is ok. Vancouver Island forest flooding , not so much. Then I realized that Charlie has an upcoming snip snip and he will be unable to go on any adventures with me for a few weeks after. One thing after the other…..

Then my cousin called yesterday. She seemed interested in doing this with me, so we set a date! I wont bring the dogs for this one and it will be nice to get my feet wet, literally and figuratively, with company. I just have to hope for no cold snap when we go.

New version of Civilization came out. I has a happy.

My kid is driving me nuts. I love her, but my god is she messy. Are 18 year olds still insanely moody and snippy? Cause mine is. Oh well. I’m no sweet Sally myself 🙂



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