I just worked 10 days in a row. I have today off, then back at it.

It’s odd running and office and training new people, while learning myself. But I think I’m ok at it, so far at least.

I’ve been told by both my husband and daughter that when I am not home, both dogs mope around, pining for the loss of my presence. So the last 10 days have been an adjustment for them.

My daughter got her drivers licence! She had her day booked but it decided to snow. She wasn’t going to let that stop her, so she passed even in the snow and ice. I so proud of her! She is also busy working and upgrading her school.

My hubby now has a ton of energy. I suppose getting oxygen at night now is the main reason, though both he and I seem to have also found a combination of meds that works for each of our health issues.

My baby Oona seems to be a statistic that states, Boston Terriers are prone to multiple tumors. She has 3 now but they are super small. With a bunch of vet visits and second opinions, we have found the course of action that is most fitting for her.

Charlie is still a cuddle bug.

A lot of change is going on in the house right now. Mostly positive. I can’t complain.


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