Fell Off The Planet

I blink and its the end of spring. The last few months have been insane. Mostly good with a dash of ass.

Work. I love my work. Who knew a control freak like me would love a job where I get to order people around? ;). In reality, I delegate, work front desk, make schedules, work with unhappy clients, deal with complaints, organize things and lightly “discipline” when needed. I use quotation marks there because it’s more of talking through things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and skittle farts. Through the peak season I had someone whom was very insubordinate who ended up quitting. I bumped heads with another towards the end of the season as well. I make mistakes all the time, though I laugh about most of them. I’ve dealt with some nasty angry clients whom some I’ve been able to make things better for them, others not. It seems to be the nature of the office life. Having said all that, my team is also amazing. I’ve also made some friends and started socializing as well…..odd that one. Overall, love it.

School. I’ve signed up and put my deposit down for a course starting in September. Now that the peak season for tax is over, my hours are wonderfully low, allowing me to get back to what I was doing before. School was a big one on my list. So I decided to explore areas that relate to my work life. For my college course I’m taking a business management course to see if I want to peruse the business administration program or not. I will also be taking a regular tax course at that time as well.

Health. Well, this area could always be better. Through the peak season of work I was working 5-10 days in a row, 8-12 hour days. With hubby working as well, this meant frozen foods or take out. It’s truly amazing how much home cooked meals make a difference in health. Both hubby and I packed on a lot of weight during this time. We didn’t change the quantity of what we ate, just the quality. Man, what a huge difference, especially when you really get to see it like that. For hubby, well his pains go a bit more. He is having severe problems with his hands lately. While we have to wait on some tests, 2 Doctors are thinking rheumatoid arthritis. Nasty shit.

Pets. All seems to be well. Poe is Poe. She loves to cuddle at the computer, like right now, driving me nuts while I’m trying to type. Though cute as hell. (with my YouTube dateline murder mysteries in the background 😉 )20170524_110150 (1)

Charlie and Oona are really good. Charlie is now over a year old. He is so cuddly for a dog. He actually LOVES hugs and tucks his head into your chest while hugging. Very rare for a dog. He can be such a goof but at times just be so….. I don’t know, an old soul?

Oona is getting older now. At 6 years of age, with Bostons being Notorious for overheating and over doing it, I definitely see her not be able to go as long before she plops down in shade for a break. We take the dogs to a really great park by the university and they both go off leash. They whine about 2-4 blocks away because they start to recognize their favorite place. The other day, there was a small mud puddle left from the rain and to our surprise, after running around, she just plopped into the puddle, back legs spread out behind her, and dragged herself around to cool off. So unexpected and really damn cute and funny. Then again on our most recent trip, with no puddles, she found some shade. Well, they both did.20170521_150419

Kid. Last but most important. My daughter rocks. She is just doing her thing, delivering pizzas and loving the tips, figuring out life. She is waiting on school to figure out what she wants to do and I see no reason to pressure her. It is her life and I want her career to be 100% her choice. She gets back from France today. A present from her dad for her 19th Birthday. Yes, 19TH BIRTHDAY. I have a 19 year old daughter. Time really does just flash by. I worry about her a lot though. She has her things just like everyone else but things can hit her really hard. She has sorta moved out with her boyfriend. Most of her things are still here, so who knows, she may be back ;). What can I say, you want your kids to do better than you, and so far she is kicking my ass in that regards and I love seeing it. It makes me proud and so happy.

So much more but my memory is ass. Thats why do this now. But then I forget about it and by the time I sit down to write stuff, I’ve forgotten a ton 😉 Oh well.


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