Best. Thing. Ever.

In my never ending quest to keep my pack as low weight as possible, I was looking at dehydrated foods at sporting goods stores. Wow. About 6-8 bucks a meal. No way.

So I got a dehydrator! I love this thing. so far I’ve done some of the basics. Apple, bananas, mixed veggies. Then there is jerky. Wow. Absolutely amazing making your own jerky. Sticking with pork because we rarely eat beef. Plus, Beef is ridiculously high right now.

At some point, I may just say fuck it and go no cook with my adventures. I’ll have to wait and see.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Oona, my Boston Terrier bag of submissive suck.


Oona is no fierce protector. No barks, no growls, just love. She will even go and hide in her crate if people are being too loud or have a negative tone around her. Taking her on the trails with me, I also have to carry her things, because she would overheat too quickly with even an empty dog pack on her.

I’ve never been a small dog person until I had a Boston Terrier. Now I seem to be torn between the choices.

In the next few years, I will be getting another dog. The plan was another BT, male. He would be Chaplin, a companion for Oona. Except now, with backpacking, I’m wondering if a big dog would be better.

Getting a bigger (medium ish) dog would not be for protection against bears or cougars. Any size dog on a trail environment needs the human to protect them. However, it would be a safety/comfort measure, regarding humans, when out on the trail by myself.

Some of the dogs I have been looking at are Doberman Pinscher, German Shepard, Boxers, and certain mixed mutts. No matter the pick, it would be a rescue. No exceptions.

Having said that, I do like small dogs, now that I have had a chance with them. Getting a Yorkie has it’s appeal. I wonder if there are backpacks small enough for yourkies 🙂